The Naked Rose

Introducing The Naked Rose, your haven for clean beauty and household essentials. At The Naked Rose, we're committed to purity and nature's grace. Our product line is a blossoming garden of all-natural, botanical ingredients, meticulously selected for your well-being. With an unwavering dedication to organic and vegan standards, we craft non-toxic, synthetic-free, plant-based skincare and household products that nurture your body and the environment. Join us in the journey towards a cleaner, more beautiful you, naturally.

  • Smart AND Beautiful

    Our line of products perform at the highest level, without the need for toxic ingredients. We are setting a new standard for cosmetic safety, and ultimately, redefining what it means to feel beautiful. We don't sacrifice for performance. We are giving beauty a new meaning. In the name of product performance that won’t leave you guessing, we formulate without dyes, added fragrance or harsh ingredients that are known to irritate your skin.

  • Safe ingredients you can trust

    The Naked Rose products are made with a combination of safe, certified organic, and EcoCert ingredients. Utilizing years of compiled evidence based research, safety data, and research from non-profit health organizations, we have thoughtfully selected ingredients that will not put your health at risk because nothing is more important to us than the beauty and well-being of people

What people are saying about The Naked Rose:

  • I am just blown away by this hair tonic! It doesn't create scalp build up, it doesn't make your hair oily or greasy or weigh it down. Other products I have tried somehow made my hair more dry and frizzy, and with this tonic, my hair is silky and smooth always. The best part- my 3 year old let's me brush her hair now because it's also a detangler. The scent is amazing. It's relaxing and subtle. The price can't be beat. Everyone needs this tonic!

  • SHOUT OUT to The Naked Rose for restoring my skin after time spent out and about in this cold Minnesota winter. I use the peppermint & eucalyptus hydrating facial spray every morning to wake up and hydrate my skin, but my favorite time to use this product is midday when I'm starting to feel drained. Bonus... it works as a makeup setting spray, and one that I know is filled with natural ingredients that are actually good for my skin.

  • The hair tonic is absolutly amazing! I use it everyday after I shower and it makes my hair so shiny and smooth. It also smells amazing! It has done wonders for my postpartum hair. 10/10 would recommend!!!

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